Boys and Bugs and Heart Shaped Snow Blobs

snow heart

Moms of boys have much in common.  We live in a rough and tumble world of scrapes, broken bones, soap in mouth disciplinary tactics, and bugs.

Bugs in grassy jars with holes poked on the top (because we’re not THAT Neanderthal!) There’s bug posters, t-shirts, toys, books, songs, and even  Pixar movies.

Our boys make us scratch our head in wonder … and in awe.  

They don’t care about the way their hair looks

…until maybe later in the teens years. 

They don’t need a new wardrobe for pictures. 

They let their mom buy their blue jeans… as long as they’re the right size.

 But moms of boys who never made it through those rough and tumble teen age years due to unforeseen choices too painful to mention no longer have much in common with the others.

Today I went for a run and like all days when I go for a run, I look for signs. 

Signs of “I love you.” 

I search high and low with my eyes for a heart-shaped anything … in the clouds, in a reflection, in the unmelted snow blobs too stubborn to melt. 

This morning I came across this “I love you.”  

And it occurred to me that I am a very peculiar person in a very peculiar category. 

I no longer have much in common with the others.  How many people go for a run and search high and low from the clouds to the pebbles under foot…for a sign?

(I know the answer to that.)

Well, that said

I got my sign this morning. 

A lovely heart shaped snow blob. 

A snow blob from heaven signaling to me that I am loved and thought of fondly. 

And Beau is loved. 

And one day … I will hug him again and I won’t let him go. 

And just like our final words … so will our next words be… 


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