Beau’s Haven

A Place to Heal

The week after we lost Beau, we were able to find a “haven” to rest on Carolina Beach near Wilmington, North Carolina. It was a time for us to be together to reflect on what had happened, to grieve, and to begin to heal. Each one of us used our week to process in our own way as the ocean air provided a necessary calm for each of us. This time was invaluable.

Therefore, the goal for Beau’s Haven is to buy or build a cabin on the water (being by water seems to provide a healing atmosphere) in Colorado and provide a place where families who have lost a child can come and begin their own healing process.

Our hope is that local philanthropic community organizations can “adopt” the haven for periods of time and ensure it is ready when a family needs it. The volunteering organization will ensure the house is clean, stocked with food, and comfortable for the family to come together to begin their grief journey after the funeral week, when support networks begin to lessen and the family begins to embrace their new reality.

The goal is for funds raised by the Beau Begier Memorial Foundation to purchase the “Haven”, and fund ALL operational costs to support these newly bereaved families.