Don’t You Cry No More

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                                                      Don’t You Cry No More

Driving down the road with Don last week, I looked out from the passenger window and looked up to the sky and clouds (as I often do now.)  To Beau I said, “Beau, I will always miss you and I will always ache for you.”  Right at that moment, the lyrics of the song that was playing on the car stereo said:  “Don’t you cry no more.”

Hearing that line stopped me in my thought tracks.  “Don’t you cry no more.”  Of course, I can’t help but think that was no coincidence.  That somewhere out there … perhaps very nearby … I am being softly spoken to.  I am being gently reminded and sweetly comforted by timely lyrics to a classic secular song.  The timing, thereof…uncanny! 

I can’t say that I will always heed this advice.  My heart may always weep.  When you feel that you have been abandoned and left by the roadside, moments like these are to be seized and treasured.  They have a way of picking you up off of the roadside and placing your feet on a flower-lined path in a colorful, scented garden.  They have a way of bear-hugging your heart.  They are priceless treasures.

I don’t always get such immediate messages of comfort in my cries to God and to Beau, but when I do, I grab onto them and hold them inside the pocket of my heart for safekeeping.

And when I need a dose of rest for my soul, I reach into my pocket and pull out the message again:  “Don’t you cry no more.”

I will still cry.  It is not that easy to stop heartache.  But when I do, I will remember this day and this message and maybe … just maybe my heart will smile.

Revelation 7:17

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