A call can save your life

Unfortunately on the night of the crash that claimed Beau’s life, none of the boys made that call. Two boys died and the driver is in prison.

Every boy in that car had been told by their parents if they were ever intoxicated they should not drive and to call home, no questions asked.

Anecdotally, every high school student we talked to since the crash said they too would not call their parents. However, when the idea of Safe2Ride was described to them, they said they would consider calling, especially if there was a way for them to remain anonymous.

What is Safe2Ride?

Safe2Ride is designed to provide a ride service to a safe place for teenagers who have made the choice to drink or do drugs. We acknowledge this may be controversial for some, as they teach their children to abstain. However, we too taught our son to abstain from alcohol and he died under the influence as a passenger of a drunk driver. Essentially we believe keeping your child alive, with the opportunity to further educate them, is better than the alternative.

The Beau Begier Memorial Foundation encourages young people to abstain from drugs and alcohol use but our personal experience tells us that message is often ignored. We applaud and support other organizations who provide drug and alcohol free activities for students but we are convinced our service is just as important due to the data that shows too many teenagers are using drugs and consuming alcoholic beverages and then driving.

We are currently working with several potential partners to help us launch Safe2Ride and will update this page as more information is available. We believe it is critical to get this service active as soon as possible, our kids lives depend on it!