Our Story

Our Story

Life can change in an instant

On September 1, 2014 at 6:38 AM we heard a loud knocking on the door. I know it was 6:38 because I was startled by the noise and looked at the clock before running downstairs. As I ran down the stairs, I did think about my son Beau and wondered if he was in trouble or had been locked out of the house. I even thought the color of shirt I could see on a person through the sidelight by the front door was Beau.

Sadly, as I opened the door, I knew it was not Beau and within milliseconds I knew why a number of law enforcement and what I later learned were chaplains, victims advocates from the Colorado State Patrol,  and the Deputy El Paso County Coroner, were standing on my front porch.

They had come to tell me and my wife, Gina, that our beautiful boy, Beau, had been killed in a car crash. The scene still sends crushing emotions throughout my body.


The days and weeks that followed were filled with every emotion a human can feel and we never knew we could hurt so bad. In the midst of our crushing loss, we also had to endure an awful legal process for the driver. To say it was hurtful is the understatement of the century.

Forging Ahead

However, in spite of all the shock, horror, and despair, we want to honor the life and memory of Beau by giving back to the community that carried us in our darkest hour. This is why we have started the Beau Begier Memorial Foundation here on thinktwice.net. It is our hope, in Beau’s memory, we can fulfill the vision and mission of the foundation and help others along life’s highway.


The Vision of the Beau Begier Memorial Foundation is to provide hope where there is hopelessness and peace where there is despair.


The Mission of the Beau Begier Memorial Foundation is threefold: