I Wanna Talk About Beau

I just want to talk about Beau.  So I am creating this writing to do just that.

A couple of days ago, I received the very first 2021 Beau Begier Memorial Foundation scholarship application.  It made me sad.  It made me glad.  If ever there was a moment where two things can be true at the same time, this is it.

Why am I sad?  Besides the obvious, I get bouts of sad because he should be here.  If he were here, we would have no need to dole out money to students from his school.  But he is not here and I hate that reality.  But it is our reality.

Why am I glad?  I feel honored that young people apply.  I love young people and their stories bless my socks off. Also, to receive an application is to honor Beau.  To honor Beau is my lifelong mission.  Just getting out of bed is honoring him.  Going to work is/was honoring him (I am retired now.)  And giving money to someone in his memory is honoring him.  I love to hear his name and I love to see his name.  And giving out this scholarship allows all of that to happen.

It has almost been seven years since Beau left us.  That means two things.  That means the stinging, daily pain has subsided so that is a good thing.  But it also means that it has been seven years since we have seen his face, heard his voice, hugged him, or talked to him.  And that is not a good thing.

But all that said, I am closer.   So much closer to seeing him again.

In the meanwhile, we talk about him.

Thanks for listening.

5 thoughts on “I Wanna Talk About Beau

  1. Thank you for sharing! Please don’t ever stop talking about him to us “outside” your immediate family. His stories, his legacy, his memory, is a constant reminder to us who share his story with our kids and hopefully our kids’ kids of not only a reminder of the tragedy and sadness that has forever effected your lives and the lives of so many close to him, but also of his strength and charm and charisma and effect he had on so many when he was here that is still carried on today… sadly seven years later. His relationship with his family, his sisters, his teachers, and his friends are still talked about inside homes and the walls of the school he attended and thrived in. My daughter plays soccer at his school and her coach highly respected and loved Beau and to this day in their game day cheer and every single day when practice ends they cheer “Bears on 2” instead of the typical cheer that occurs on 3 just in honor of your sweet Beau….. hugs to you all…. love your friend from afar.

  2. Beautifully said my sweet cousin! You have made us all aware of what a beautiful person he is. You have honored him and not let him be forgotten.. I never met him, yet your description of him, your heartfelt expressions , pictures, are so vivid, I feel like I do! He is pretty special. 😊 Keep taking about him. We love the stories and your beautiful memories! ❤

  3. Oh my….so many things to say. I spent soooo many Saturdays, at ALL day wrestling tournaments, watching our boys, Beau the light weight, and Pheonix the heavy. We were there til the end. Beau was always so full of life and sass. He will be forever missed, but, he left a light that will always shine when you least expect it…. that is just his way. Much love to you all. -Julie Versey

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